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How Does it work?

Not all consultancy interventions require ongoing face-to-face interventions. We keep in contact using a variety of technologies. For example we offer regular monthly coaching calls by telephone or if you like we can include the use of online conferencing, or video conferencing.

Various web based project management systems can be used to bring together groups to enhance collaborative working and learning. Surveys, research, literature reviews and other work can be carried out behind the scenes and reported on in virtual conferences.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduced costs with increased value for money. The reduced costs come from less money spent on consultant time as well as significantly less time spent in face-to-face meetings with associated travel time.
  • Increase in value comes through the long term relationship built through the ongoing intervention through regular calls. Virtual consultancy enables the drip-feed of support for transition processes.
  • Just-in-time support can be provided for tricky change and development processes. Consultants can be available by telephone, email and online conferencing when you need them.
  • Coaching for specific projects is a key task for many virtual consultancy clients. We provide high level and challenging mentor support for project leaders.
  • Need a one-ff plenary speech for your conference but prefer not to pay large travel costs for the speaker? We have experience in providing these and in managing the conference dynamics virtually.
  • Training at a distance is possible and we have developed interactive materials designed to support virtual learning. These hands-on products enable high quality learning to take place.

We have a number of years experience of virtual consulting, of introducing and using the technologies and in finding ways to structure and build the relationship dynamic in a virtual environment.

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No matter where you are in the world, email us and we’ll take it from there.


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